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ethics outline 2

ethics outline 2 - Introduction A Suppose one morning you...

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Introduction: A) Suppose one morning you wake up to find yourself attached to a violinist. The violinist has a fatal kidney problem and you are the only one in the world who can help him. If you pull the plug and detach yourself, then the violinist will perish. B) This thought experiment has been thought to be a good analogy to pregnancy and abortion -- Is it morally ok to pull the plug (get an abortion)? C) Given the arguments presented by Judith Thomson in, A Defense of Abortion , unplugging yourself from the violinist seems morally acceptable; it is not your duty to sustain the violinist. D) But I will argue that the violinist thought experiment is not a good analogy to pregnancy, except in cases of rape. a. The woman attached to the violinist did nothing to bring about the violinist. However, when a woman becomes pregnant, she has a special responsibility to the fetus because she brought the fetus into existence. E) Thesis: Since the violinist is not a good analogy to pregnancy abortions are not morally acceptable. Setting up the problem: A. Judith Thomson’s proposal: the violinist is a good analogy to pregnancy. Since one is not morally required to support the violinist, a woman is not required to support a fetus. Therefore, abortion is morally acceptable. B. Judith Thomson’s view: A fetus does have a right to life, but does not have a right to every need for life. Therefore, the mother is not morally responsible to provide her body to the fetus for any amount of time.
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