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phil 230 active externalism - 713966879 In their essay, The...

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713966879 In their essay, The Extended Mind , Andy Clark and David Chalmers argue for a position they call “active externalism.” Most cognitive philosophies consider and define the mind to be within the skull, or at least within the body, but active externalism is not confined to these limits; it is possible for the mind to have extensions into the environment. Clark and Chalmers present their argument explicitly and thoroughly, but functionalists may counter this by claiming that active externalism does not present mental states in a common sense manner. First, active externalism is a view of the mind which claims our environment plays an active role in our cognition. Clark and Chalmers claim that human minds lean heavily on environmental objects to aid in our mental processes. Something in the environment can be used by the mind in such a way that the external, environmental object becomes a part of the mind. Clark and Chalmers use the example of someone calculating a long division problem with pen and paper. The mind is dependent on the pen and paper to solve the problem accurately so the pen and paper are seen as an extension of the mind. In this example the mind and the pen and paper have formed a coupled system; the mind used an environmental object to create a system. This is considered a system because if the pen and paper were removed or if a part of the brain were removed, then the overall competency of the system would drop. Because it is a coupled system, the external object is an extension of the mind. The environmental object plays an
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phil 230 active externalism - 713966879 In their essay, The...

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