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philosophy 1st long paper

philosophy 1st long paper - Connor Blair Philosophy Dr...

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Connor Blair Philosophy Dr. Richard Cameron 4 April 2007 1297 words Contemporary Racism in America Racism is a pressing societal problem in America. From slaves to immigrants to modern day minorities racism has been ominous and plaguing. In contemporary society explicit and institutionalized racism cause most race related troubles. Institutional racism is more prevalent and pertinent to contemporary society than conscious racism, causes devastating problems, and is hard to correct, but there is a responsibility to correct it. When defining racism it is important to recognize different forms of racism existing in contemporary society. The first form is personal, explicit, conscious, and bigoted racism. Most people, particularly whites, mistakenly view prototypical racism as the only type of racism. Whites falsely believe racism has disappeared from American society because explicit racism is largely gone. Although bigoted racism has largely disappeared, racism has not. The second form of racism is institutional, culturally embedded racism. Although void of racist intent institutional racism gives whites unfair opportunities and minorities a severe disadvantage. Institutional racism is usually performed unconsciously, but its affects are as detrimental as personal racism. The fact that there is more police surveillance in minority populated neighborhoods for no tangible reason is an example this racism. 1 Again, a common belief is that racism is gone. People who refuse to recognize covert racism argue minorities now truly have equal rights, get equal benefits of citizenship, and are not discriminated on color. There are laws to protect against racism, minorities supposedly get equal opportunities through Affirmative actionative action and other policies, and it seems American’s have adopted a new attitude towards equality.
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Connor Blair Philosophy Dr. Richard Cameron 4 April 2007 1297 words This argument holds little merit when facts are considered. Bigoted racism may be mostly gone, but institutional racism is very much alive. Although in different form, racism is as problematic today as fifty or one hundred and fifty years ago. Problems remain in hiring practices, healthcare, societal ideologies, government, and most aspects of life. For example, when applying for a job a white person is nearly twice as likely to get called back by an employer as an equally qualified black person; even a white felon is more likely to get a call back from an employer. 2 Simply being white almost doubles a person’s likelihood of landing an interview. Racism is atrocious when social affects are examined.
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philosophy 1st long paper - Connor Blair Philosophy Dr...

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