philosophy midterm (fashion)

philosophy midterm (fashion) - It is not wrong for women...

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It is not wrong for women who support feminist ideals to wear make-up and dress fashionably. Doing so directly contradicts feminist goals of equality. Women with feminist ideals ought to support freedom of expression for all women rather than support a restriction from a certain style of dress. If feminists were to denounce make-up and fashionable dress based on speculation that doing so was to conform to a patriarchal society and led to further oppression of women, then the feminist would be inhibiting women, an enormously diverse group of individuals, from certain freedoms. It is not wrong to not wear make-up and fashionable dress, but to declare it wrong for all women is in itself oppressive. Sandra Lee Bartky in Femininity and Domination claims that wearing make-up and attempting to measure up to society’s definition of beauty only brings narcissism and depression. i The “beautiful woman” is seen everywhere in every media form and no woman can measure up to this image without becoming obsessed and distraught with their physical appearance. ii
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philosophy midterm (fashion) - It is not wrong for women...

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