philosophy paper #1 (simple relativism)

philosophy paper #1 (simple relativism) - Connor Blair...

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Connor Blair 2-7-07 Word count: 649 Simple Relativism and why it is False The idea of relativism has been hindering the pursuit of truth for centuries. First conjectured by Protagoras, but given a specific meaning by Plato, relativism is still around in many of today’s leading disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, humanities, and religious studies i . However, simple relativism is false for two reasons; it is too passive and it discourages the pursuit of truth. To start, simple relativism is, at principle, false because it is far too accepting of everyone’s individual beliefs. Relativism undermines truth by declaring that truth is relative to everyone. ii Stating that everybody knows their own truths based on personal discoveries and experiences directly violates the truism that “truth is objective.” iii Relativists, by proclaiming truth to be relative, allege that there may be hundreds of thousands of truths concerning one subject. This is wrong because beliefs may be individual, but truths are not. A truth is the way things actually are, truth is objective. If truth was relative and every belief was accepted as true then the world would be a
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philosophy paper #1 (simple relativism) - Connor Blair...

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