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philosophy paper midterm - 713966879 QUESTION #2 When Frye...

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Unformatted text preview: 713966879 QUESTION #2 When Frye writes that adults are biologically gendered (feminine or masculine) Frye is claiming that feminism and masculinity are not innate characteristics, but are learned. Newborns are not masculine or feminine; rather, newborns are simply and innately a sex (male or female). Male and female babies become gendered adults through the process of enculturation. i With strong gender polarization, American society is socially dimorphic and as children observe, act, and live in American society they become exposed to and innocently learn to act on dimorphic, unequal values. ii Becoming engendered is not a necessary human characteristic. iii Frye claims socialization is often misjudged as biological and genderization is a result of enculturation, but not of genetics or anything inevitable. iv Often the question of nature or nurture is asked with regards to how children develop certain traits. However, every human is molded by some form of a society so the true nature of humans is unknown and therefore Frye dismisses the question as invalid. v Nobody is exactly sure of human nature so it is foolish to attribute genderization to human nature a thing we dont fully understand by itself. Perhaps it is human nature to mold and blend into a respective society. If this were the case, then Frye is still correct in saying that humans are socially, not genetically gendered. An example of society molding a gender is the Hijras of India. Hijras are considered neither feminine nor masculine, but they refer to a gender is the Hijras of India....
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philosophy paper midterm - 713966879 QUESTION #2 When Frye...

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