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philosophy paper

philosophy paper - 713966879 Androgyny is loosely defined...

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713966879 Androgyny is loosely defined both as both the celebration of mixing feminine and masculine characteristics in a person, or a person who lacks gender characteristics. i This means the positive aspects of masculinity roughly equal the positive feminine characteristics in a person (a mixing of the genders) or the person is neither feminine nor masculine. ii The basis behind Androgyny is that if masculine and feminine characteristics are found in roughly similar quantities and are appreciated equally, then there will be no more oppression, sexism, or connotations associated with femininity or masculinity. An example of an androgynous person sharing gender traits is someone who shares many traits with the opposite sex such as Michael Jackson or David Bowie, or women who work as equals to men in factories. iii An example of genderless androgyny is the Hijra people in India. Bem discusses both a psychologically androgynous person, who is someone between genders (androgene), and a physiological androgynous person who is physically between sexes. Bem’s vision of a good society is one in which behavior is not gender polarized and
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