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I thought it would be easier if you called Spahn to cancel your appointment & schedule the new one. His # is 1-800-540-2156. Schedule with Doug too. His # is 329-7373. You know your schedule better than I do. UM financial aid 305-284-5212 Mississippi Burning – Charles Blair Describe the Freedom Summer – what was it? - what were its goals? - How was it received? - How did you feel about it? - Did it work? Did blacks become more an equal part of society? Ku Klux Klan – Describe their role in society - Were their plans known? - How many members of community were Klansmen?
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Unformatted text preview: Police – was there an “unwritten” law?-how did the Klan affect the law?-Desribe Sherriff Rainey-how did ideologies from FBI conflict with local police?-How did having 2 white guys affect anything? Town – how did town react to rich, activist, northern college students?-How did the activists react to the town? (tense?)-706-292-0226 Personal Experience – What was search like?-what was atmosphere of search?-Any urgency?-Were people hoping to find them dead?-...
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