Week2_IntroToMicroP - Microprocessor Fundamentals...

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1 Microprocessor Fundamentals ECE-331 Spring 2008 Definitions z Microprocessor: Single IC with a processor, control unit, memory and a clock. Example: Intel Pentium chips, AMD K, etc. z Microcontroller : Microprocessor with significant memory and I/O functions such as data ports. Example: HC12, S12 z Embedded System : An electronic system with a microprocessor or a microcontroller integrated into a system with sensors and actuators. Ex. Dishwasher, coffee maker Computers and embedded controllers z All computers contain four hardware modules Central Processing Unit (CPU) Memory Input/Output devices Buses CPU functions z Governs order of instruction execution z Controls access to memory and I/O devices z Performs arithmetic and logical operations z Handles interrupt services z Contains: ALU, control unit, internal registers, timers, buses z Speed based on clock speed Memory Cache L2 Main Memory Decreasing size Increasing distance from CPU CPU Small, fast Larger, more info., extension
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Week2_IntroToMicroP - Microprocessor Fundamentals...

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