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Furniture Industry and Company Analysis Group Case I ACC 411 Spring 2008 1. Analyze the furniture industry using Porter’s 5 forces. You must rate each force high, medium, or low and provide support for your answer 2. What macroeconomic forces are having a significant impact on the furniture industry today? What impact are they having, and how are furniture companies responding? 3. Assume the furniture industry is made up of the following value chain: Design Sourcing Manufacturing Distribution Logistics Wholesale sales Retail sales Prepare a chart that indicates the parts of the value chain in which each of your 5
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Unformatted text preview: furniture companies participates. 4. How would you expect the financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) of a company that manufactures furniture to differ from a company that does not manufacture the furniture it sells? What would be some key differences in the critical success factors for each of the two companies? What differences would you expect to see for a company that sells at retail vs. one that sells only at wholesale, and what would be some key differences in the critical success factors for the two?...
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