lab outline (fungi)

lab outline (fungi) - other side of the dish labeled with...

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Hand Washing Experiment I. Introduction A. Background of subject under study 1. Kingdoms Monera and Fungi 2. Bacteria/fungi on hands 3. Using soap to see if it really effects the amount on hands B. Observations 1. Bacteria and/or fungi are usually found on human hands 2. 2 different soaps used C. Hypothesis 1. We believe that the claims made by these soaps, Dial and Softsoap to be exact, are true, and will wash away the bacteria or fungi that may be found on your hands. II. Materials and Methods A. Summary of Methods 1. Put dirty fingertips in one side of petri dishes, washed each hand with one soap or the other, to gauge if the soap removed all the bacteria or not. B. Detailed description of Materials and Methods 1. 1. Used 2 soaps – Dial and Softsoap 2. Used 3 petri dishes filled with agar 3. Touched one side of the dish with fingertips before washing them, using separate hands for different dishes 4. Washed each hand with different kind of soap and touched the
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Unformatted text preview: other side of the dish labeled with the correct kind of soap 5. Used the 3 rd dish for a control to demonstrate the fungi in the air or room III. Results A. Trends and analysis 1. Both soaps showed reduction of bacteria and fungi 2. Softsoap worked a little better than Dial IV. Discussion A. Relate to variable 1. Project was to look and see if soaps really do what they say and remove the bacteria and fungi from your hands 2. Findings showed yes, they do B. Controls 1. Showed how much fungi/bacteria was already present in the air 2. Helped eliminate confounding variables 3. Helped calculate before and after handwashings and bacteria/fungi that developed C. Strengths and Weaknesses 1. Strength: control dish 2. Weakness: counting colonies 3. Weakness: data analysis in general 4. Weakness: fungi from air getting into experimental dishes 5. Weakness: needs more than just one test...
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lab outline (fungi) - other side of the dish labeled with...

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