GEOL 240 - Midterm study Pack

GEOL 240 - Midterm study Pack - Midterm study Pack Seismic...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm study Pack Seismic Waves Elastic Deformation: o Reversible deformation o Once forces are no longer applied – returns to original shape Hooke’s Law (stress & strain) An approximation that states that the amount by which a material body is deformed (the strain) is linearly related to the force causing the deformation (the stress). • Linear elastic materials = Stress K = Elastic constant • = Strain Elastic Constants: o Young’s Modulus (Y) A.k.a. the Modulus of Elasticity Measure of stiffness of a given material Defined as: • The ratio, for small strains, of the rate of change of stress and strain • Determined from the slope of a stress-strain curve o Bulk Modulus (K) Measures the substance’s resistance to uniform compression Defined as: • The pressure increase needed to effect a given relative decrease in volume o Shear Modulus ( μ ) A.k.a. modulus of rigidity Defined as: • The ratio of shear stress to the shear strain • μ = shear stress / shear strain Body Waves o P-waves (Primary, Pressure) Fastest elastic wave First to arrive Solids, liquids, gasses Particle motion Velocity o S-wave (Secondary, Shear) Second to arrive Solids only Particle motion Velocity SH SV...
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GEOL 240 - Midterm study Pack - Midterm study Pack Seismic...

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