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07 - Farmers workers etc Characteristic of their life was...

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Polis o Can be generally translated as city, urban center o 25-50 thousand people o Typically walled for defense Inside walls would be wealthy, powerful, influential people we call ‘aristocrats’ – lived lives of leisure Made up roughly 5% of population Chora o Area surrounding the polis anywhere from 6-10 miles out o Agriculturally productive land o Supported the leisurely aristocrats o Inhabited by ‘peasants’
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Unformatted text preview: Farmers, workers, etc. Characteristic of their life was work Roughly 90% of the population • It took 90 people to feed 100 • Now it takes 2 Lived in villages • Around 100 thousand people • Eremos o Non-productive land Could be dry (desert), wet (marshes), too far away o Inhabited by Brigants Murderers and theives...
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