07 - o CHECK IT conversion of paul is between 33-36 During...

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REL 121 22/02/2007 15:36:00 Origins of Christianity Jerusalem – 30AD – during Pentecost Apostolic Council – meeting between Paul and Barnabus, and Matthew Luke  and John (50 AD) o Jerusalem could keep doing what they were doing and so could Paul Paul’s second missionary journey Heads northwest and ends at a place called Troads Acts ch. 16 Paul had a vision of a Macedonian who was pleading for paul to come to  Macedonia and help them Acts ch. 18-12 Talks about Gallio – governor of a province (Achea) from may 51- may 52 By knowing Gallio was in Corinth, we know Paul was as well Gallatians 1 and 2 Three years after his conversion experience, went to Jerusalem and stayed  for three days After 14 years, went with Barnabus
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Unformatted text preview: o CHECK IT conversion of paul is between 33-36 During Journey, Paul writes one of his first letters (First Thessalonians) Thessalonians 4 shows ethical advice that Paul gave to people who were converting o 4:3-8 summarizes Pauls advice Organized by will of God based on self-control and justice Paul defines Chrstianity as a commitment to virtue post-socratic philosophy Pauls Third Missionary Journey Writes Galatians, First Corinthians, and Romans. o Wants to travel to Rome to get sponsorship to teach in Latin Clement 1:5, first talk of Pauls death. Places him in Spain at the time. 22/02/2007 15:36:00 22/02/2007 15:36:00...
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07 - o CHECK IT conversion of paul is between 33-36 During...

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