07 - formal religious authority • Farming/Labor o...

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Hist 271 - discussion 31/01/2007 19:07:00 Iroquois Women, European Women Point of the essay was to make a connection between European women and  Iroquois women More specifically French Catholic women Dreams, religion, farming, political power, society Dreams o Iroquois:  dreams are about the future, visions, interpreted by women  who can interpret their own dreams and even those of others o European:  dreams show the future, have them interpreted by priests Religion o Iroquois:  equal religious roles to the men, shamans are holy men o European:  only men are allowed to preach, not allowed to have the 
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Unformatted text preview: formal religious authority • Farming/Labor o Iroquois: cure transfer and cook the meat, much more labor than European women o European: Wheat-picking, gardening, fairly light agricultural labor, domestic: raise children, cook • Political Power o Iroquois: a lot of influence, they have much of the final say in matters, women don’t fight wars o European: not very much political power, women don’t fight wars • Métis: offspring of French and Indian • Catholicism o Appeals to women 31/01/2007 19:07:00 ← 31/01/2007 19:07:00 ←...
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07 - formal religious authority • Farming/Labor o...

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