Syllabus_132_18 - 1 MTH 132 Calculus I SYLLABUS Spring 2008...

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1 MTH 132 Calculus I SYLLABUS Spring 2008 Section: 18 TIME: MWF 3:00-3:50pm Room: C110 Wells Hall Instructor: Tsung-Lin Lee (Jules) Email: [email protected] Office: D-316 Wells Hall Office Hours: M W F 13:50pm – 14:50pm and by appointment Homepage: Textbook: Thomas’ Calculus , 11 th edition. Calculator: Calculator will not be allowed during quizzes and exams. Evaluation: Grades in this course are based upon the point total of the scores from 4 in class exam tests at 100 points each, 6 homework assignments (40 points total), and 3 quizzes (60 points total), and a uniform final exam (worth 200 points). The following grading scale will be used to determine your grade. 90%-100% 4.0 73%-78% 2.5 55%-59% 1.0 85%-89% 3.5 65%-72% 2.0 0%-54% 0.0 79%-84% 3.0 60%-64% 1.5 Attendance: Students are expected to attend all class meetings and are responsible for all of the material covered. Any changes in this syllabus or in the scheduling of exams, assignments etc. will be announced during class meetings. Students who miss lecture are responsible for obtaining the notes from a classmate. Unless a valid excuse is presented in advance, a missed exam will receive a score of 0 points . Only extreme situations with a documented excuse will allow a student to be excused from an exam. No make- up exams or quizzes will be given. Advance travel schedule (business or personal) are Not excuses. No late homework will be accepted. Examine this syllabus carefully and plan around exams. The schedule for the final exam will be strictly adhered to. Gateway Exams: Gateway Exams are required of all students taking MTH 132. There are two Gateway Exams for MTH 132. The schedule is: 132 Gateway I Start on Jan. 16; End on Feb. 8. 132 Gateway II
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2008 for the course MATH 132 taught by Professor Julies during the Winter '08 term at Michigan State University.

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Syllabus_132_18 - 1 MTH 132 Calculus I SYLLABUS Spring 2008...

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