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LECTURE #3 FACTS (continued), ETIQUETTE, & RULES Bowling Lane Facts (continued from last lecture) Each pin is 15 inches high and weighs 3 pounds and 6 ounces . Adult balls range from 10 to 16 pounds . Etiquette When two bowlers are ready to go, the bowler to the right goes first. If a bowler on your right or left is set up and ready to bowl, you must wait until they are done before proceeding to the approach area. Keep drinks and food out of bowler’s settee area. Change your shoes before entering the bowling area. Make sure the ball sweep is up before you bowl.
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Unformatted text preview: Rules (American Bowling Congress/Women’s International Bowling Congress) • Foul- during or after the delivery, if any part of the bowler touches beyond the foul line-Bowler crosses foul line on an adjacent lane, also a foul.-NOT a foul when bowler crosses line but retains possession of the ball.-Only count the pins for the roll that did not have the foul. • Other Penalties-Pins knocked down by ball that first falls in the channel are not counted.-Pins knocked down or off lane then remain standing are not counted....
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