PLS 362 Notes January 17 2007

PLS 362 Notes January 17 2007 - January 17 2007 Blood cost...

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January 17 2007 Blood cost becomes important to the society. Dealing with the American Style: We make a division between realists and idealists. Most of the time the dominant school is the idealist school of thought. Woodrow Wilson most embodies what is involved in the Idealist school of thought. President Bush is in the idealist tradition. He came back from the middle east. He came back from the middle east and wants to change the middle East into democracies. Bush went to Egypt and said nothing about democracy. Bush knows that he needs Egypt if he’s going to get a middle east peace program. - Idealist: you don’t accept the world as it is. Our way is good. Your way is evil, its time for a change. o Crusade o Transformation o Wilson, carter, Bush, regan. o Spread American values. o U.S. are the good guys. - Realist: Teddy Roosevelt, Nickson. Foreign policy is dominated by the nation interest. Economic interest, political interest, geopolitical interest, you must be prepared to engage in power politics. o Realist view is selective. o After Spanish American war the U.S. is a minor power. o Realists ask, how much power have I got, im selective and realist that there are limits to what I can do o This is a causious, conservative point of view. Washington fairwell- stay out, stay away, don’t entangle with anyone else. Takes Wilson a long time to convince the American people to go into WW1. He tells Americans the moral, exceptional democratic aspects of US thought.
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“Were different from Europe. Europe is wrong and bad. We need a diff style of doing this so were going to war because.” We went to war to make the world safe for democracy.
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PLS 362 Notes January 17 2007 - January 17 2007 Blood cost...

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