PLS 362 Notes Jan. 29 2008

PLS 362 Notes Jan. 29 2008 - Souviet Russia (No natural...

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Hegemon- dominante country. Country has lots of power. As a hegemon we could incorporate other countries. Countries owned by the hegemon work w the U.S. hegemon. Article “who strunk the super power.” - There are two rival power centers. Europe, China the second world. Indonesia- former dutch east indies. Japanese 1942-45. Technocratic- Follow the advice of experts to decide how things will be done. The cold war- over by octobe 1989. The end was the falling of the Berlin Wall. X mas 1991- the soviet union collapses and becomes 15 separate countries. World war 2- 50 – 80 mil people killed. Soviet union loses 20 mil people. Europe and Japan was devastated. More people died in fire bomb of Tokyo than the nuclear bomb.
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During the war the Soviet union was our ally. War began with the natzi invasion of Poland. A week before that Stalin wants a non-agression treaty w Hitler. Natzi and Communist were mortal foes.
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Unformatted text preview: Souviet Russia (No natural barriers)- could ride from China to Paris on horse back. - This means Russia doesn’t have geographic advantages.- Russia is big so that’s an advantage. The Russians want to kill Hitler and napoleon with winter and distance. Distance- far away from Moscow. You must travel and do it before winter sets in but you cant do it till spring ends. You can invade beginning in may (mud) December (winter). You have a limited time period to get to Russia. Russias large size protects you. The zars and soviets always want to push the starting point further out.- At the same time this makes internal cohesion difficult. - No natural barriers means that neighbors could invade them.- Nonagression pact- Tactically temporarily your friend but they ca never eally be friends because theyre enemies at heart.- Zar- Lenin, marx. Both view capitalism as the highest stage of economic development.-...
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PLS 362 Notes Jan. 29 2008 - Souviet Russia (No natural...

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