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PLS 362 Notes Jan. 22 08 - "All countries do their foreign...

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January 22, 2008 “All countries do their foreign policy in terms of their best interest.” The U.S. reputation. If were not successful in 3 years we want out. Government is divided in the U.S. - The chief is the president. (Executive) - Legislative branch - Military: If U.S. wants peace ill build different weapons. - Money: - Sub- national groups - Business/industry - Interest Groups - Ethnic groups - Elites - U.S. found that iran stopped their bomb program. The president Bush said otherwise. We have divided government. - This undercut the presidents bargaining position. -Interests that are always there under every administration. Geography: Canada and Mx. - Problem in Vzla would be worse than problems in s Africa. Nat resource - Develop new oil that would change our foreign policy
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Population Culture - Were closer to England than other places. Moral values Economics - Trading partners Media also plays a role. *CNN effect- *Politics of the Moment-Do candiadates say gov doesn’t act or needs to act on something.
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