PLS 377 American Political Thought Notes

PLS 377 American Political Thought Notes - PLS 377 American...

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Unformatted text preview: PLS 377 American Political Thought 15/01/2008 16:14:00 ← The Articles of Confederacy was the first constitution it contained just a congress. ← Super majority of the 9 out of 13 states were required to pass. ← Military consisted of state militias, there was no National Army ← 3 years after Revolutionary War this wasn’t working ← It was Fragmented at a local level ← Shays rebellion – small farmers with large taxes and debt ← Philadelphia 1787 Convention in secret where they were going to add articles to the confederacy constitution. Instead they came up with a new one. ← Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia were the four largest states. 9 out of 13 states needed to ratify the new constitution. Virginia was split. George Mason didn’t want to sign the new constitution. ← New York was also split ← Ant Federalist was a diverse group ← Gov. George Clinton of New York state wanted to start over ← The Bill of Rights would not of originally existed if it wasn’t for the antifederalist ← In New York the antifederalist attacked the new constitution first. They attacked it by sending out anti constitution pamphlets and with newspaper articles attacking it. ← *Study Federalist 10 ← Balance of powers was lost in the first constitution ← Federalist stand for abandoning the first constitution and starting over. ← All republican governments have had issues in the past. ← Ancient Republics were small city states and there was no separation of church and state ← Democracy is rule of the poor (poor being anyone who has to work) ← ← Anti-federalist thought that government could only be done correctly on a small scale ← Majority Factions are a problem ← Two ways to fix them: • Make everyone the same (not going to work) o Take away liberty If you do not have liberty to live different lives. Educate everybody the same • Control the effects, make them in effective by their number o Invite all factions in so they fight among themselves and there is not one being dominate ← As long as you have liberty you are going to have factions ← ← 1787 foreign affairs ← U.S. is in violation of their treaty that was signed at the end of the Revolution. ← Congress didn’t have money to pay for the land that is taken. British are refusing to remove their troops from forts as a result. In the south and west Spain is controlling Alabama, Minnesota, Tennessee. ← National Army has only 700 men, No Navy no ships to protect commercial ships from pirates....
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PLS 377 American Political Thought Notes - PLS 377 American...

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