PLS 377 Representation

PLS 377 Representation - The Debate over Representation I....

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The Debate over Representation I. There is a deep contrast between the new Madisonian republican vision and that of the more classically oriented Anti-Federalists. A. The Anti-Federalists are still concerned with trying to repress the spirit of faction from becoming prevalent in the citizenry while the Madisonian vision not only accepts faction but makes it an animating spirit of the republic. B. The Anti-Federalists, following the classical principles, want to keep the reins of government more directly in the hands of the people, but for Madison such a removal is the one key to safe and effective representative government. 1. Madison states that the new constitution aims at the unclassical goal of excluding the people from any direct role in their government. 2. Unlike in classical democracies and republics, the American citizenry will be only indirectly engaged in the politics and governance of its society. II. It might at first appear that Madison’s republican vision is based on the assumption that virtue can be dispensed with or replaced by the checking and balancing of the competitive struggle of competing selfish economic interest groups; this impression, however, is incomplete and we must look at the higher ingredient in Madison’s republican vision. A. In Federalist 10, Madison argues for the new conception of representative government removed from the populace. 1. He praises such representative government not only for its ability to channel the selfish interest group struggle but also because it has a crucial elevating effect by putting the levers of governmental power in the hands of a tiny minority of representatives elected by the rest. 2. Madison continues to count on virtue but only as found in a tiny minority.
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PLS 377 Representation - The Debate over Representation I....

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