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-1CHAPTER 1-- FOUNDATIONS FOR THE STUDY OF PSYCHOLOGY Ÿ Three fundamental ideas of psyc are 1) Behavior and mental experiences have physical causes so they are amenable to scientific analysis; 2) The way a person behaves, thinks, and feels is modified, over time, by the person’s experiences in his environment; 3) The body’s machinery, which produces behavior and mental experiences, is a product of evolution by natural selection Ÿ Dualism: theory that two distinct systems-- the material body and the immaterial soul-- are involved in the control of behavior; each human being consists of two distinct but intimately conjoined entities, a material body and an immaterial soul Ÿ Reflexes: involuntary responses to stimuli Ÿ Thought, according to Descartes: conscious deliberation and judgment Ÿ Pineal body: small organ between the brain’s two hemispheres Ÿ Dualism, according to Descartes: focuses on the body-- the soul, though not physical, acts on body at
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