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Psy 100 Fall 2006 Madigan Psychology 100 Review Test #1 Fall 2006 External validity Spontaneous recovery Adpatations Random sampling Theories of association formation Fitness Controlling bias Inclusive fitness Neotany Measuring correlation Criteria for instincts Independent variable Delay of reinforcement Altruism Dependent variable Sign stimulus Behaviorism Conditioned emotional response Innate biases Observer bias Association and contiguity Sexual selection Blind controls Backward conditioning Buss’ mate selection research Naturalistic observation
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Unformatted text preview: Food aversions Ethology Internal validity Secondary reinforcement Instincts & experience Placebo effect One -trial learning Proximate explanation Sham controls Types of punishment Ultimate explanation Empirical method Chaining Adaptations Random assignment Fixed & variable schedules 4 mating systems Operational definition Discriminative stimulus Facts about imprinting R-DB-PC-CT's Positive reinforcement Vestigial behavior Non-specific influences Classical vs. operant Clever Hans Operant level Between- & within-subjects experiments Positive reinforcement Negative reinforcement...
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