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Review Page For Test #1 (Fall 2006)

Review Page For Test #1 (Fall 2006) - Food aversions...

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Psy 100 Fall 2006 Madigan Psychology 100 Review Test #1 Fall 2006 External validity Spontaneous recovery Adpatations Random sampling Theories of association formation Fitness Controlling bias Conditioning & information Inclusive fitness Causation & correlation Escape & avoidance Neotany Measuring correlation Primary & secondary reinforcers Criteria for instincts Independent variable Delay of reinforcement Altruism Dependent variable Generalization & discrimination Sign stimulus Behaviorism Conditioned emotional response Innate biases Observer bias Association and contiguity Sexual selection Blind controls Backward conditioning Buss’ mate selection research Naturalistic observation
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Unformatted text preview: Food aversions Ethology Internal validity Secondary reinforcement Instincts & experience Placebo effect One -trial learning Proximate explanation Sham controls Types of punishment Ultimate explanation Empirical method Chaining Adaptations Random assignment Fixed & variable schedules 4 mating systems Operational definition Discriminative stimulus Facts about imprinting R-DB-PC-CT's Positive reinforcement Vestigial behavior Non-specific influences Classical vs. operant Clever Hans Operant level Between- & within-subjects experiments Positive reinforcement Negative reinforcement...
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