Sample Test #1 no key (Fall 2006)

Sample Test #1 no key (Fall 2006) - Psychology 100 Falll...

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Psychology 100 Falll 2006 Madigan PSYCHOLOGY 100 SAMPLE TEST #1 FORM A (NO KEY) Instructions: Write your Name and Psyc 100 course ID number and Form (A, B) on the scantron. Keep the test booklet. 01. In this list, the best synonym for “negatively reinforced” is: a. strengthened b. weakened c. punished d. extinguished 02. Which of the following is the best example of an attempt to operantly condition an instinctual behavior: a. repeatedly pair a sound with a shock and see the effect of this on fear b. make food availability contingent on cooing by a pigeon c. repeatedly present a sign stimulus d. use an aversive UCS 03. There is a kind of dog collar that detects loud barking and releases an odorous unpleasant scent (citronella) when such barking occurs. This is an illustration of: an attempt to control behavior by: a. negative punishment b. positive punishment c. response cost d. cruelty to animals 04. ______________ creates equivalent groups; ______________ aids generalizing research results. a. single-blind procedures; double-blind procedures b. external validity; internal validity c. random sampling; randomization d. randomization; random sampling 05. The closest synonym for "randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial" is: a. true experiment b. representative study c. naturalistic experiment d. natural correlational study 06. “The more women smoke, the earlier their skin wrinkles.” This is an example of: a. a bad causal inference b. a negative correlation, between age and skin wrinkling c. going beyond what’s given d. all of the above 07. Ill-tempered adults tend to have ill-tempered children. From this it can be correctly 1
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Psychology 100 Fall 2005 Madigan inferred that: a. environmental influences cause ill-temper b. ill-tempered children cause ill-temper in their parents c. some other factor or factors lead produce ill-temperedness in parents and children d. all of the above might be true 08. "Demand characteristics" in psychology research are an example of the more general problem of ______________ in research dealing with living organisms. a. sampling b. ethics c. reactance d. random influences 09. The main point of the Peanuts cartoon with the insomnia-affected Snoopy is: a. the need to control non-specific aspects of a procedure or treatment b. the possibility that it’s all just of a drug-placebo effect c. the importance of analyzing the actual reasons why a treatment is effective d. all of the above. 10. In the experiment in which a rat steps on a treadle to get cocaine, but only when a light comes on, the light is functioning as a: a. UCS b. sign stimulus c. discriminative stimulus d. time-out signal 11. The occurrence of ______________ in classical conditioning suggest that extinction of a CR does not remove all traces of learning from the brain. a. spontaneous recovery
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Sample Test #1 no key (Fall 2006) - Psychology 100 Falll...

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