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Psy 100 Fall 2006 Madigan Psychology 100 Review Test #2 Fall 2006 Type of neurons Brain stimulation and reward Episodic vs semantic memory Main properties of action potentials Emotions and specific arousals Factors that distort memories Relative sizes of main brains structures Sympathetic and parasympathetic Priming effects Prefrontal lobe functions Amygdala functions "emotion","affect", "feeling" Frontal lobes and memory Cerebellum functions Aggression as adaptation Source confusions The "triune brain" Hemispheric specialization Facial expression and emotion Lesioning procedures
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Unformatted text preview: Thalamus & amygdale & fear Engram and classical conditioning Arousal & performance Transcranial magnetic stimulation Visual areas and pathways EEG Top-down &b-up fMRI and brain function Visual cues to ditance Factors influencing obesity Perceptual constancies Hormonal influences on eating Ames' room illusion Genetic control of weight Size-distance illusions Brain bases of addiction Properties of working memory Homeostasis 3-store model of memory Liking & wanting E-S-R framework Brain reward system Rehearsal and working memory Endorphins Effective encoding into LTM Drive reduction Patient HM's problems...
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