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History 200 The American Experience STUDY SHEET SECOND EXAM Terms : 30% of the examination. Define (including approximate time and place). Intensive and Extensive Development . Federalists, Alexander Hamilton, Report on Manufactures, tariffs, Bank of the U.S., Hartford Convention, Democratic Republicans, Thomas Jefferson, Embargo, War of 1812, Nullification, Louisiana Purchase republicanism, liberalism, yeomen farmers, Henry Clay, American System, log cabin, financial panics, Manifest Destiny, civilized tribes, Trail of Tears, Mexican War, Dawes Act Parties and Elections factions, deference, party systems, critical elections, John Adams, Alien and Sedition Acts, Jacobins, Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, Andrew Jackson, Democrats, Bank War, Indian removal, Whigs, King Andrew, spoils system, Eaton affair The Household’s Civil War. household government, coverture, master-servant law, slave code, debt peonage, minority, free labor, testamentary freedom, mandatory endowment, lineage, institutionalization, orphanages, workhouses, Catholic Church, American Colonization Society, James Forten Abolitionists, William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, married women’s property acts, temperance, divorce for cruelty, child custody, public school movement, Horace Mann, communal movements, Mormons, Joseph Smith, celestial marriage, Oneida Community, John Humphrey Noyes, free
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stdysh2.07 - History 200 The American Experience STUDY...

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