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History 200 Assignment on News Reports about World War II in the Pacific Your source, the online Proquest historical Los Angeles Time s, can be reached by going to and search for the Historical Los Angeles Times. It is a subscription database so if you are off campus you need to use VPN or go to the main library page and click on remote access. Choose one of the options below and write a 4 page (1000 word) essay on A. The problem of distinguishing imperialism from dollar diplomacy 1. Read the accounts of the event considered the start of hostilities in the Pacific, Japan’s entry into Manchuria during September of 1931 [see Norton textbook for background]. How does American opinion evolve? How does Japan explain its
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Unformatted text preview: actions and why is there no international intervention? or B. The problems of waging total war and requiring unconditional surrenders 1. Read the accounts of the fire bombing of Tokyo and other Japanese cities ( March/April 1945 ) in the Los Angeles Times and compare the treatment of those events with the activities of the U.S. government in Japan one year later (sample March-July 1946). How do reporters explain the activities in this later period to their readers? or 2. Sample the Los Angeles Times from Aug. 6 1945 to Aug. 1946 reading accounts and editorial comment about the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How does the discussion evolve? What are the various viewpoints and how does one account for the differences?...
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