Test 3 shit. - Rosie the Riveter-Poster was to convince...

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3/17/08 Rosie the Riveter- Poster was to convince woman to work in factories. not be I N D EP PE NDENT. What are you supposed to do with the kids? Latch key kids Juvenile delinquency Allotment annies- older woman who married men going to war, and they would receive pay if they died overseas. $29/month avg/ private. Life insurance was $10,000. v-girls- patriotic duty to "entertain" the troops. Under 18, and entertaining troops. Victory girl. d-day-6/6/44 Grocery stores had federal regulations on what you could buy, (rationing.) Propanda - buy war bonds, send money, work in the factory, sons off to war. End of war - 400,000 Americans dead. june of '44, 130,000 dead. Bulk of deaths occured at the last part of the war. FDR allowed the release of war photos to "pump" up the american people. FDR dies April of '45. Malmedy Truman- New the least of FDR's plan. Only been VP since Jan of '45. Only met FDR a few times. No knowledge of foreign policy or how war was being conducted. Wasn't nationally known before. Hitler commits suicide at end of April '45. july '45 - bomb is ready. Originally for germans, but they surrendered. Reasons to use the bomb. 1. People didn't assume the bomb was different. 2. Temp of American people, Men in Europe were supposed to wait, then go to Pacific. Soldiers began to riot in Europe. They want to go home or go to Pacific. American people want an end to the war. 3. Soviets - Moved into eastern European countries. These two cities were left untouched to test the power of the bomb. Japanese were sent a letter that Americans would use a weapon of immense destruction. They didn't respond. Bomb fell. Still didn't respond. Another went. Hiroshima-8/6/45-
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Test 3 shit. - Rosie the Riveter-Poster was to convince...

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