Test 2 material. - City on a hill-reason for US expansion....

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City on a hill -reason for US expansion. Expansion overseas didn’t mean that the US would cease to be democratic. Exceptionalism - The united States are the only people who can “save” other Anglo- Saxons. . Anglo-Saxon civilization -Top of the hierarchy. People from Great Britain and Germany. United States is the only Anglo-Saxon democracy. Washington’s Farewell -1796 -“entangling alliances” – Washington says avoid these. They destroy democracy. Going to war because of alliances. Also, the US had no navy while every other nation had a navy that was bigger than the US’ External factors- The Great Game- Colonies throughout the globe. i.e. the French conquered modern day Vietnam. Then they control trading. US realized that they’re not going to have many people to trade with if this keeps happening. At this time China was supposed to grow in the footsteps of the US. Open Door - policy of keeping colonies from proliferating. Doesn’t work without a navy. Can’t keep other countries out. Imperialism - Turner and Closed frontier- 1893-1895-Big depression. Without a frontier, many felt that they need to find a new frontier to conquer, or the US might collapse in on itself. Fear that economic prosperity is on the verge of collapse. Over-civilization – Too many people are wealthy and no one will want to do the tough work. A nation of playboys which could lead to a decrease in masculinity, then who would maintain democracy and capitalism. Fear that the rich wives will become shopaholics and become frigid and not bear children. Race suicide – Anglo-Saxons would simply die off.
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Theodore Roosevelt- from a wealthy NY family, here to save the daaaaaaaay. Sick as a child. He felt that things that tested man, like war, were necessary. The Strenuous Life – written by Roosevelt that gives hints on how to restore masculinity or build masculinity. If you’re wealthy like him, you can go on safaris to Africa or go camping. Or go hunting. If you can’t do any of these, play sports (boxing, polo, football, baseball was still considered a middleclass sport.) At this time intercollegiate sports take off. The leaders of the Anglos need to be physically fit. Women should stay in shape if they’re going to bear children and shit. Or you can go look at history museums. .? War is the last way to test your masculinity. In 1898 he is the assistant secretary of the navy, a position where he could influence going to war. 1896 – Spain launched against Cubans. People portrayed the Cuban rebels as revolutionary Americans. Showed them as white men, or equals. Other Americans didn’t want to go to war because that would make them imperialists. Others felt you were going to create race suicide by extending citizenship to other non-whites. Came up with the idea we’re still using today, which is, the US will be “managing and
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Test 2 material. - City on a hill-reason for US expansion....

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