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VideoNotes - Workers vs industrialization battle for...

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Workers vs. industrialization – battle for control of who gets paid what. Who will determine who controls this society. The workers said it shouldn’t be at the expense of the working class. 1877 railroad strike- Paralyzed the nation Haymarket Affair -1886- Chicago Andrew Carnegie-Rags to riches. Scottish immigrant. Bought a steel mill. Then bought homestead mill who had a well organized union. Workers worked at all times. Had gotten rid of ever other union and wants to get rid of the homestead one, but needs to get rid of it in an acceptable way. (Thinks an individual has rights to things, but a union shouldn’t declare the rights for them) Frick built a fence around the mill and him and Carnegie didn’t allow workers to work under the old contract. They had to deny membership to the union if they wanted to work. Skilled and unskilled workers united to try to rally against Carnegie. Homestead Mill The Amalgamated Association Henry Clay Frick- Carnegie’s business partner who controlled much of the coal industry.
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