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The Visioni of Piers Plowman (B) First Vision. + Prologue. Vision of the Fair Field. Rats’ Fable. + Passus I: The Discourse of Holy Church. the elements of the vision explained: the Tower of Truth, the Murky Vale (or the Castle of Care), and the Folk of the Fair Field. Truth intended man to use moderation. But men seek Mede, rather than truth. King David appointed knights to uphold truth, as Christ appointed the angels. Fall of the rebel angels. Charity the highest virtue: superior even to chastity. + The Trial of Mede. Passus II. Mede is to be given in marriage to Fals Fikel-tonge. Theology objects that she was intended to be given to truth. Mede, Fals, Favel (deceit), Symonye, and Cyvylle (barratry) ride to Westminster on the backs of a sheriff, an assize juror, a flatterer, a pair of summoners. The king banishes Mede’s companions. Passus III. Mede distributes largesse to the clerks and clergyman at the king’s court. Mede makes a friar her confessor and pander. Though Mede has acted foolishly, the king would wed her to Conscience, but he will have none of her, because she gives herself indiscriminately. Mede defends herself, claiming that her rewards are necessary to the maintenance of civil and ecclesiastical government. Conscience distinguishes between eternal rewards such as God bestows on the righteous, and the temporal rewards sought by usurers and profiteering merchants. Conscience, taught by Kynde Wit, speaks of a time when Reason, not Mede, shall reign on the earth. Passus IV. The king sends Conscience to fetch Reason, who rides to court on his saddle, Suffre-til-I-se-my-tyme, accompanied by Cato his squire and Tomme Trewe. Though Warren Wysdom and Witty would have Reason advise them how to run the exchequer, Reason is not interested in their affairs and rides on. Pees presents a complaint to parliament, complaining of the injuries Wrong has done to him. Mede offers to pay a fine for what Wrong has done, but though this would satisfy Pees, the king, advised by Reason, will have none of it The king observes that Mede’s corruption of the law has frequently hurt him financially, and vows to be guided by Reason and Conscience. Second Vision: The Quest for St. Truth Begins. + Passus V. Reason shows that the plague was a punishment for sin. Pageant of the Seven Deadly Sins. Each sinner repents, and must make restitution. There are many pilgrims who have never met with St. Truth in their travels. Piers Plowman appears, and briefly explains the way to the Tower where Truth dwells. Friars do not preach the way to St. Truth, and though Piers will serve as guide to Truth’s Tower, a pardoner and a prostitute decide to make their way there by means of indulgences. + Passus VI: The Half-Acre.
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pp-outline - The Visioni of Piers Plowman (B) First Vision....

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