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3/4/08 Hooker Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity(1953) by Hooker is the first major work of philosophy in english. Have to have property. . Women aren't citizens. People that have rights are people who participate. test: All men desire to lead in this world a happy life. Written to bring back the English church. Hobbes Philopher of power. If you're strong enough you can have anything. One of the most importan philosophers. Nothing wrong with being wealthy.In to self preservation. Weaker people won't last long. Get your share. For the exam: second paragraph.
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Unformatted text preview: What makes life worth living? "life is short" no arts, no letters, no society. If everyone lives in fear, society is a wasteland. Make life worthwhile. Filmer Adam rules. Authority is absolute - it comes from god. you don't have a right to revolt. Only way for things to work is to have one single authority. Locke Wrote Carolina's constitution. thought filmer was full of shit. Cannot give certain freedoms away. Resembles Republican gov't. Capitalism. .. you take it, it's yours.Modern capitalist theory. Right to acquire property to develop....
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