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Business intelligence

Business intelligence - Business intelligence knowledge...

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Business intelligence – knowledge about competitors, suppliers, your own internal operations, etc Business process – set of activities that accomplishes a specific task Data warehouses – collections of information (BI) from multiple operational databases Data marts – focused portion of a data warehouse Data – raw facts Decentralized computing – Distributes computing power within the organization to knowledge workers Decentralized computing – an environment in which an organization distributes computing power and locates it in functional business areas as well as on the desktops of knowledge workers Executive information system (EIS) – supports “drilling down” in information to find problems/ opportunities Information – data that has meaning Inter-modal transportation – uses multiple channels (trucks, boats, etc) of transportation Just-in-Time (JIT) – provides product/service just when needed Knowledge management (KM) system – supports capturing, organization, and dissemination of
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