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Mein Kampf- 1925 -“my struggle” Aryans-culture creators, Japanese and Chinese-culture bearers, Jews-culture destroyers Appeasement - 1936 -france and Britain were giving in in hopes that Hitler would soon stop Nazi-Soviet Pact - 1939 -Soviet and Nazi said they wouldn’t attack each other-secret-would split Poland Poland - 1939 -Germany invades Poland-falls in 3 weeks Neutrality Act - 1935 -US congress says no trade with countries at war Cash and Carry - 1939 -US will trade with countries at war for cash and they must come pick up Battle of Britain - 1940-41 -Germany bombs GB on daily basis Lend-Lease - 1941 -US will give GB whatever it needs for war on loan Atlantic Charter - 1941 -US & GB agree to say fighting for Democracy, free market, collective security, & economic cooperation Pearl Harbor - 1941 -Japan attacks US navy at pearl harbor Hiroshima & Nagasaki - 1945 -US drops 2 atomic bombs Yalta Conference - 1945 Potsdam Conference - 1945 -US, GB, and Soviet-US says will loan money to Soviet if they hold free elections in eastern Europe-abandoning Yalta Conf.-starts tension Truman Doctrine - 1947 -US will defend any country threatened by communists
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