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Yvette Cantu 12 de Abril del 2007 Within the many routinely techniques that have contributed to the general monotony of the film production of these months, this is the routine of the “the music for films.” The composers of Hollywood, within the few that there are, are skillful men which have stuck by a few number of formulas which play distressful music in moments of anxiety, idyllic music in love scenes, and galloping music in the stagecoach. For the alien movies, they use instruments with odd sounds, like the wave apparatus Marthenot; for the religious story line they use the Holy Mary by Schubert… All very well planned, very efficient, and perfectly synchronized. But after all, its music that no one listens to, for that reason it could be for two films with similar arguments. At first sight it seems that the public does not notice the routinely procedure and that the problem of music for films is only of interest to the technicians. A través de las numerosas retinas técnicas que han cooperado a la homogeneidad de la
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Unformatted text preview: produccin del cine de estos meses, esta la rutina de la msica para pelculas. Los autores de msica de Hollywood- entre los poco que hay-son gente capacitadas-que se han ligado a un minsculo numero de modelos que se sujetan a usar msica de ansiedad en los momentos de inquietud, msica hermosa en las escenas de amor, y msica fulminante en las escenas de carrosas. Para las pelculas de extraterrestres, se usan aparatos de ruido extrao como el aparato de ondas Marthenot; para los temas religiosos, se toca el Ave Mara de Schubert Todo muy bien preparado muy eficaz, perfectamente uniforme. Sin embargo, es msica que nadie oye y que podra ser para dos pelculas de argumentos similar. Parece, a primera vista, que la gente no se da cuenta de la repeticin de la msica de pelculas; que los dilemas de la msica de cine solo fuesen cosa que interesara a los tcnicos....
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