social cognitive theory

social cognitive theory - what is the strongest predictor...

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what is the strongest predictor of whether or not an adolescent uses alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs? -their peers' use of those substances before social cognitive theory: -previous behavioral theories said that learning occurs only when the consequences happen to you behaviorism: operant conditioning (rat presses lever, rat gets food, rat is more likely to press that lever in the future) if rat b is in cage next to rat a and sees this happening, will rat b be more likely to push his lever? -no, rats don't have cognitive ability to figure this out -there's a danger to trying to generalize rat models of learning to human models of learning, we have great cognitive ability (not with strict behaviorism) Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura): People can learn healthy or unhealthy behaviors by observing the consequences of other people's behaviors -behavior, environments, and people all influence each other -all of these components are dynamic (constantly changing) Reciprocal Determinism ----> overt (health) behavior <---- ------- ------ <------ ----> personal <-----------------------> environment observational learning: learning that takes place by watching the outcomes of others' behavior
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in the environment 1) when you observe something else being rewarded for
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social cognitive theory - what is the strongest predictor...

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