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CE_453-_HW_1-_'07 - 4 An airplane manufacturing factory...

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CE 453 Homework 1 Due: September 5, 2007 1. Problem 2-2 in the textbook. 2. Problem 2-3 in the textbook. 3. A biologically-treated wastewater from town “A” is discharged into a river. Town “B” is located 10 miles downstream and uses the river water for drinking purposes. (a) Discuss the mechanism(s) by which the river cleans itself. (b) As the engineer in charge, how would you improve the process?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. An airplane manufacturing factory discharges its wastewater that contains lead and cadmium into a river. The company is required to remove these toxic metals prior to discharge. Discuss how you would remove these metals. Include simple chemical reactions. 5. Study the first 10 pages of Chapter 2 in your textbook....
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