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Midterm Study Guide IR 210, Fall 2006 International Relations: Introductory Analysis Possible Questions: 1. What are the three components of the "Westphalian constitution" identified by Anthony McGrew, and what do they mean? How does McGrew describe the process of globalization? For each characteristic of globalization, explain what it means and give an example. Then, discuss how you think the components of the Westphalian constitution are affected by globalization. 2. Compare and contrast the approach of each of Martin Wight’s three traditions to “barbarians”. Use historical illustrations. 3. How does Martin Wight contribute to our understanding of International Relations? Identify and describe his approach. Then, explain Barry Buzan’s transformation of English School theory. 4. Many scholars say the neo-neo debate is actually an intra-paradigm debate, why? What's left out from the debate? How does constructivism as a social theory contribute to your understanding of this debate? How might neorealism and
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