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Johanna Slotnick Comm 410 Chapter 4 I thought the concept of decentralization and participatory decision making was a great example of how organizations can be sure they’re making each individual as efficient as possible. With decentralization, there are few levels of management, and few superiors. With Cornell football, having players, coaches and the head coach, there aren’t many tiers or superiors watching over their subordinates. Additionally, decentralization leads to individual decision making every day simply because there isn’t a superior there to do so. A great example of how Cornell football is a decentralized organization is that each player has only seconds to react to events and changes on the field, and each player’s decision will affect the outcome of the game. This loose supervision has granted each player that steps on the field autonomy and the assumptions that they will make good decisions and accomplish their separate tasks. Participatory decision making requires that: subordinates want to be involved in decision making; supervisors must be willing to allow their subordinates to voice their opinions and be willing to listen to and consider them; the issues brought up must be important to everyone discussing them; all the participants have relevant information to bring up; and superiors must be willing to use tactics such as public recognition and praise as well as utilize subordinates’ suggestions to show all participants that they have an influence. I think this concept stood out to me because it can be seen so clearly in Cornell Football. Players come from all different teams, as do coaches (both having coached and played for other teams) and have a lot of varying opinions, ideas and skills to bring to Cornell. Coaches are more than happy to hear suggestions from students who may have new ideas to bring to college football. Additionally, personally being on the field with the same team each year may give the players an advantage at suggesting possible solutions and plans. Furthermore, the issues brought up at meetings between coaches and players are extremely relevant to all involved. This is not only because the coaches and players are
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comm 410 4567 - Johanna Slotnick Comm 410 Chapter 4 I...

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