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Comm 422: The Psychology of Television (and Beyond) Prof. Michael A. Shapiro Fall 2006 NAME: Johanna Slotnick QUIZ 5: TAKE HOME QUIZ Due: Wednesday, October 11 For this assignment you must analyze two different television segments. Try to choose two segments that are really different: could be shows, ads, sitcoms, news, etc. Answer the following questions for each of the segments, focusing on the concepts of the Limited Capacity Model. 1. Describe each of the segments briefly, in terms of both its structure and meaning. (2 pts.) 2. What is the goal of each segment? Describe the goals in terms that might be relevant to the limited capacity model: persuade? inform? get you to remember? create an association with mood? (2 pts.) 3. Briefly describe what would happen as the viewer watches the segment in terms of a. Cognitive effort and allocation of mental resources (2 pts.) b. Performance (processing, encoding, storage) (2 pts.) 4. Do you think that the use of formal features in the segment help accomplish the goal? If yes, how so? If not, how could the segment’s formal features be modified to accomplish the goal better? Be sure to explain this in terms of the processes discussed in class. (2 pts.) News as a segment is meant to inform and make the viewer remember the information given to them. Although it is also a business, with various channels and news shows vying for the highest ratings in order to receive the most financial compensation from advertisers, the news is
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take home - Comm 422: The Psychology of Television (and...

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