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bird flu matrix - STAGES AUDIENCES Students(foreign...

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STAGES AUDIENCES Students (foreign) Students (on campus) Students (off campus) Faculty Cornell Staff Current: No HTH assure them medical personnel is watching, practice good hygiene ----------------------------------------------> HTH found HTH spread a bit will be updated regularly, more often now. likely be on national media coverage now. Still need to report from CU to verify and dispute any rumors. HTH spreading more available if cannot return through pamphlets on CU students. For both: inform students. understand their roles home. Inform some to not plan of action. Continue of travel precautions objective (OB): inform on avian flu, inform them that any new updates to plan or issue will be communicated how (H): Cornell website with info on avian flu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> justification (J): method doesn't put issue in their face, there if they need it. Put people who worry a lot at ease. OB: inform people of HTH found. Educate and persuade to follow good hygiene -----------------------------------------> H: media/newspaper articles, same website update as in stage 1 (no emergency bulletins) ------------------------> J: again, does not scare people, updates and info there if wanted. OB: very similar to stage 2, inform on any updates, educate about protection from flu H: campus paper articles, other newspapers, internet, radio, etc. All info on Cornell owned media J: an academic community means people will be more informed than the general public. Will most OB: Reassure CU is OB: Prepare and educate OB: same as on campus OB: same as OB: need to
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return. good hygiene. <----------------- WILL BE CALLED ON TO HELP----------> facilities from all media sources and sent to permanent ad. outlets students each dept, define call students in high risk Hygiene in media, posters what is needed, fill areas - don’t return in bathrooms, facilities, etc roles back home. Need to know reassure CU is here, also and on campus receive students will be in place for CU is here to help though will be called on to help. same info workers to follow Large HTH spread outside U.S. that if they can't return, CU Inform of symptoms to look for, they understand remain in ithaca stage 4, keep is here. Understand they importance of turning themselves in early. understand ppl pressing the need for will be asked to go home will need their their help. Understand if U.S. case is confirmed. newpapers/posters/pamphlets help their roles Begin to look for means of travel. this will lead to them finding ways home. Be assured within depts. clearly define roles Understand how to keep that if they can't go home, they know who to contact it from spreading. where to go, etc. need to know the symptoms to look in more help if minimized and more for and go to Gannett immediately because early the flu were to help will be avialable campus mediums detection is key. be here. prepared to leave CU,
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bird flu matrix - STAGES AUDIENCES Students(foreign...

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