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Unformatted text preview: Johanna Slotnick Final Journal Entry Comm. 398 This class is one I would recommend to any student TA. I feel that it helped me reflect on various aspects of being part of the teaching facet of a class, as well as how to maintain the most effective and proactive relationships with my students. TAing as an undergraduate student is a great experience, and so unlike any other situation. Because it involved being both a teacher/mentor and a peer to a group of students it is difficult to anticipate all the situations that may arise. I felt a personal advantage having the professor of the class I TAed as the teacher of this class, although that would just be one more reason I would advocate Comm. 201 TAs taking this class. I felt that through the journal entries and discussions we not only got to think over our own situations, but experience those of other TAs and see that an outside opinion may be much more objective. I got to share my situations and receive feedback from experienced TAs. This class also objective....
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