ANT 345C - week 2 paper

ANT 345C - week 2 paper - resulting Sanjek refers to a...

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ANT 345C September 6 Writing Assignment: Week 2 The readings from this week, On the Plaza by Setha Low, The Future of Us All by Roger Sanjek, and Barrio Dreams by Arlene Davila, all focus on social relations occurring within inner city communities. While each reading identifies with different locations, as well as interactions between people, they all draw attention to social, political, and economic changes that are occurring throughout major urban cities across the world. On the Plaza focuses on San Jose, Costa Rica and its plazas that are located throughout the city. Used historically as rally points for emotionally charged political and social movements, the plazas are now the city’s primary socializing hubs. Low is particularly interested in the male dominance of these plazas and how this is shaping the way these common areas are being used and redeveloped. On the contrary, The Future of Us All focuses on the rapid multiracial change that is occurring in Elmherst-Corona, Queens and the socioeconomic implications that are
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Unformatted text preview: resulting. Sanjek refers to a “permanent government of upper-class wealth” that maintains power and control in New York City and its surrounding communities, mandating changes within its urban neighborhoods in a fashion that will perpetuate their wealth instead of assisting those who live there. Along similar lines, Barrio Dreams draws attention to the revamping of Spanish Harlem which is resulting in gentrification of the area, forcing the poor, lower- and working-class out and allowing the middle- and upper-class to move in and, essentially, take over. The issues that these works illuminate are not specific to the cities at hand but are commonplace in urban cities throughout the world. The authors strive to enlighten others about the social, political, and economic happenings in our inner cities so we, as a people, can take responsibility for these actions and help correct the mistakes that have been made....
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ANT 345C - week 2 paper - resulting Sanjek refers to a...

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