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Unformatted text preview: ANT 345C URBAN CULTURES LECTURE NOTES 05/09/2007 09:10:00 Sep 5 New Orleans Infrastructure I35 bridge in Minneapolis o a city is a complex and on going process one that requires physical infrastructure to support the [eople who live in it and people to operate that physical inra. Not just power and sweage trwatment plants, but someone has to be able to sell a bottle of milk or a new shirt, to repair o urban area in need of serious investment looses out to a largely remote and rural state ( new Orleans to fix the leves lost out to Alaska building a bridge to an island that houses 50 people) o huge contrast in neighborhoods o 28% of people in NO live in poverty. Of those, 84% are black. o Ability to escape from the hurricane is impacted by class o NO was loosing people prior to hurricane due to shifts in the economy o Uneven redevelopment all ove the city, a giant slow-motion reconstruction project is taking place. It is unplanned, fragmentary and for te isolated individuals carrying it out, often overwhelming. largely alone, Adam Nossiter, New York times, july 2, 2007 money has been paid to HOME OWNERS NOT RENTERs o rebuilding? Neighborhoods like Gentilly and Broadmoor, with their bungalows, arts, and crafts ranch style houses, grew with the city over the course of the 20 th century; their loss seemed to presage an abrupt revision to the narrow port town along the river of the 1800s NO is the point of entry for key commodities mainly oil o Why is NO there? Midwest farm exports need cheap freight to complete in the world market Steel importers also rely on NO The nation needs oil and gas form the gulf It is a terrible place for a city to be located, but exactly where a city MUST exist o Regional ports 54 mile stretch of the port south of La., 20 miles upriver from NO; moved 199 million tons of cargo in 2004 port of baton rouge LOOP: La. Offshore oil port for supertankters; only employs 100 people Port of NO, handling coffee, steel, cruise ships, employs 2500 people on ave day o NI No national corporate HQs; regional HQs only need airport and air conditioning Compared to St. Paul had 100 forturne 500 HQs located there CBD had not added a new building since 1989 Office vacancy rates prior to o Hurdles to rebuilding: pollution EPA refuses to clearly state that its safe to life in the metro area 50 mill gallons of water leaking from underground sewage and drainage pipes everyday, raising the specter of major diseases...
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