RTF 316M Lecture Notes Test 2

RTF 316M Lecture Notes Test 2 - RTF 316M Lecture Notes Test...

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Unformatted text preview: RTF 316M Lecture Notes Test 2 27/09/2007 14:54:00 ← September 27 ← ← Laughing Matters ← ← Recall: Contesting from Within • Reworks what’s already there • Laughing with stereotypes instead of at them ← ← Recall: hegemony • Way of talking about culture and power ← ← Negotiation • Part of hegemony, says hegemony is never fixed, there is a constant struggle there • Explains how opposing groups struggle through culture o (militaristic metaphors) o the less-powerful group will make small ‘attacks’ on the power held by powerful group AND o the powerful group will respond by making concessions to the less powerful group (giving up some ground) o often, two steps forward, one step back; something lost and something gained. o Ex – masculinity – certain things men do and don’t do. Lately Metrosexuality has surfaced – dominant masculinity gave a little – men can wear pink shirts and we won’t call them gay. BUT masculinity and heterosexuality are still dominant. • Therefore, culture is full of texts (movies, shows, reports) that are “polysemous” – meaning, they carry multiple meanings o Some say that things have to be this way because they are almost always these struggles going on • Negotiations helps to explain why texts (movies, shows, ect.) can be both racists and anti-racist, sexist and anti-sexist, or anti-racist yet homophobic, etc. o “ambivalence” o ex – the cosby show – they can escape their blackness but still allow it show sometimes o ex – 1970s – proliferation of female lead roles – like Charlie’s Angels – sexist and anti-sexis at the same time – women running around without bras on but they are strong, smart women with guns BUT they all report to their male boss. o Texts have all these things happening at the same time • Also: commercial media must be ‘popular’ – this means that any message must be negotiated with the need to appeal to a certain audience (often, a broad audience) ← ← Difficulties of using humor • Producers can’t control how something is viewed o “are we all laughing for the same reasons?” o is everyone laughing because they are contesting from within or laughing AT the racist and offensive material? • what are the producer’s/artist’s intentions? o We only know what they tell us o Does the audience trust them?...
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RTF 316M Lecture Notes Test 2 - RTF 316M Lecture Notes Test...

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