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RTF 316M lecture notes 04/09/2007 13:43:00 Sep. 4 th What is race? Race is an invention o Social construction – not science – humans invented it o Created in 1500s o Based on science (the enlightenment: 1600 – 1850) **use science to reinforce race** o But: science is always shaped by culture ** example: one sex model – women’s reproductive organs are the same as mens just inside out.** Race is a (social) technology Method of classifying and organizing people Created to justify colonial conquest and transatlantic slave trade Method of distributing power, wealth, status, etc. Method of making inequality seem ‘natural’ Method of explaining human behavior **DOCUMENTARY CLIP** o “The differences between us” – part of a series called Race: the power of illusion o Eugenics – aimed at racial purification - traits are passed from each parent – assuming that complex behaviors oculd be reduced to mendelian genes. Concerns of racial mixing. Used to aid Nazi propoganda. On Jessie owens and his Olympic wins – “the Negroid athlete was superior because he was closer to the primitive…” o Race is: “unchanging, clear cut distinct categories of people”; no genetic markers that define race, an idea that the prescribe to biology o Differences btwn certain gifts (athleticism and creativity) and traits - differences bwteen opportunity and society – no fast hard rule on how genetic ancestry is going to influence a person towards certain athletic performance, or any complex trait.
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Greater genetic diversity is located in Africa o Race was invented to categorize the differences between social groups – justifies the inequalities that exist is societies that is said to be equal o Genetically the most similar than all other species – only 1/1000 nucleotide difference o Sickle cell is due to ancestors who lived in malaria ridden areas Invented to create categories and distribute wealth race is a language system of representation way of reading the body ex: Enlightenment-era ‘scientific racism’ has been disproven, but the legacy lingers o carl Linnaeus wrote in 1735 that there were 4 subcategories of homo sapiens : White, red, yellow, and black – all had innate inherited traits and qualities o some studies that are done are funded by the same groups that fund neo-nazi groups Sep 6 recap the concept of distinct races, which was based on “science” is now considered scientifically invalid o however: its legacy lingers human being do not all have the same bodies. But they are far more alike than they are different. – differences have been exaggerated Differences in appearance do not correlate with differences in personality or ability. Race science is meant to make human decisions seem “natural”
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RTF 316M lecture notes - RTF 316M lecture notes 13:43:00...

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