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ADV 319 project journal 4

ADV 319 project journal 4 - Sure they’re surprisingly...

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ADV 319 October 29, 2007 Project Journal 4 The ad that I found this week is an ad for Birkenstock sandals in which the metaphor is a picture of a pair of feet that are holding dumbbells and are, apparently, working out. This is supposed to be a metaphor for Birkenstocks being both comfortable sandals as well as a means of working out the muscles in your feet. The text above the picture reads, “Part sandal. Part personal trainer.
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Unformatted text preview: Sure they’re surprisingly stylish, but they also help tone your feet. Fashion meets fitness,” which directly coincides with the picture below. This ad effectively communicates the benefits of wearing Birkenstock sandals; it lets the potential consumer know without question that this picture was meant to infer that Birkenstock sandals are not only shoes but that wearing them will also help keep their feet strong....
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