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ADV project journal 1 - an extremely effortless way There...

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Sept. 11, 2007 Project Journal 1 The ad that I have chosen is a Brides.com ad found in a Jane Magazine. This ad clearly exemplifies the concept of attention grabbing as its main advertising ploy. The most obvious reason this ad grabs the magazine reader’s attention is due its abundant use of bright red coloring as its background. Juxtaposed to this startling color are the words, “Got wedding on the brain? Time to visit our new website,” in large white font in the middle of the page. Every aspect of this ad is done to grab the reader’s attention, but in
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Unformatted text preview: an extremely effortless way. There are no other extraneous images for the reader to be distracted with; it is simply a full-length, bright red page with large, stark white writing on it. In addition to color and size, the ad is placed on the right hand side of the magazine, which naturally grabs the reader’s attention regardless of what is printed on it. Even if the reader is completely uninterested in weddings, the ad grabs their attention long enough for the reader to pause and take a moment to read what the ad has to say....
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