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ADV 319 project journal 2

ADV 319 project journal 2 - parents today feel that they...

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ADV 319 September 23 Project Journal 2 The ad I chose for the journal this week is a Comcast Internet ad that uses positive reinforcement as a technique of instrumental conditioning . At first glance of this ad you see an adorable little girl in an outfit made of out of a brown paper grocery bag and duct tape, next to her is written, “A Jumper in a Jiffy. Make a kid’s outfit in seconds without sewing a stitch.” The bottom of the picture is a Comcast cable cord that “points” to the bolded words, “There’s a better way to save time,” and then a paragraph that proceeds to tell the reader that by using Comcast internet they will be save valuable time and money and be able to spend more time with their kids – a thing that most
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Unformatted text preview: parents today feel that they are not getting enough of. This ad successfully uses positive reinforcement by cueing parents’ emotions of longing for more quality time with their children by insinuating that the other internet companies are far too slow and take precious time away from their lives that they could be spending with them. Essentially, the ad is saying to parents that by using Comcast they will, in turn, be able to spend more quality time with their children and be able to create cute memories to hold on to when their kids are grown, much like the picture of the little girl....
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